Discover the blend between the West and the East, between a Slavic soul and Mediterranean savoir-vivre

Zlakusa Terzica


Generally with preconceptions or at best without particular expectations, travellers are first dazzled by the human warmth. A real change of scenery, Serbia takes you to the heart of a hospitable and friendly culture. Its inhabitants welcome you with their hearts on their hands and share with you their love for life. The music is enchanting, the streets are lively, the food is varied and the smiles are sincere. Its rich past makes Serbia a unique place with a culture comparable to no other.

Trust our receptive team, 100% French-speaking, to organize the tour and make Serbia fully live for your customers. Dynamic, culturally and humanely rich, Serbia always has something to offer its travellers. Serbia is undoubtedly an inevitable tour for groups that want to have remarkable experiences.


At the crossroads between East and West, Serbia has a dense and eventful history, whose monuments and traditions it preciously preserves, while looking to the future. Indeed, rich in history, a unique atmosphere emerges. The country is constantly renewing itself and always looks to the future, a true alliance between tradition and innovation. Meet the Serbs, open, helpful, and smiling, they are known for their sympathy.

With a unique savoir-vivre, they will make your stay a time of meeting and sharing warmly. Discover Belgrade, the thousand-year-old yet young and vibrant city. Then Novi Sad, centre of Vojvodina, which will be the capital of European culture in 2021. Picturesque villages and monasteries of the 13th century with superb Orthodox frescoes, but also gastronomy, music and traditional warm welcome in Serbia.

Novi Sad